you still can't use Android Pay in Canada, however Samsung is now satisfied to provide mobile payments for anything it is Canadians buy. Maple syrup, I consider. when you have an account with CIBC, your card can be added to Samsung Pay as of nowadays. every body else will must wait.

a good way to use Samsung Pay, you need a Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 part, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 side, Galaxy S6 part+, or Galaxy Note5. Samsung Pay uses both NFC and MST to ensure that you could pay at both wi-fi-enabled terminals and the old ones with just a magstripe reader. For non-Canadians, CIBC is considered one of the biggest banks in Canada. looks like an excellent region to begin.

CIBC Visa cards are supported at launch, but greater banks can be added to Samsung Pay later. Even small banks have gotten on-board in the US, so you have to eventually be capable of use Samsung's cell bills in case you're now not a CIBC patron. maybe you will even get help for Android Pay sooner or later when Google remembers Canada is a thing


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