Google's Pixels are marketed as helping LTE band 4, an AWS frequency. The band is normally used throughout North and South the united states, and a number of readers from
each continents have gotten in contact to allow us to recognise the Google Pixels are having problem with this band which, in some areas on a few operators, is basically the best LTE sign available to subscribers. A Google Product forums thread in which those issues are being mentioned can be determined right here.

customers in other international locations have said LTE issues on other bands, however band four is currently the source of maximum court cases, and we can't confirm that reviews of different bands no longer connecting are enormous. Of path, in case you are having LTE connectivity troubles along with your Pixel, we would fortunately welcome you to proportion the band and provider your tool is having trouble connecting to.

After querying T-cell users on Twitter, i discovered that no one appeared to definitely report a problem with band 4 connectivity, so that would seem to suggest the hassle is related in particular to positive band four networks. it is doubtful what might be causing the problem. within the meantime, we've reached out to Google to peer if they could shed some light on this. One reader, for what it is well worth, talked to a Google assist consultant who said they have been aware of the trouble and an update might be made to be had to remedy it, however we generally tend no longer to consider support reps as information assets - they may be frequently no longer well-knowledgeable and, frankly, a few will say nearly whatever to close out a price tag.


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