OnePlus users love the corporation's forums and network wherein they are able to discover news approximately the brand new builds, capture gives, talk to every different approximately their gadgets, and live in contact with the people in the back of OnePlus to voice their requests, worries, and greater.

The OnePlus community app has been available for a bit, however it became only a integrated app introduced inside the Oxygen OS builds. Separate APKs had been floating round on XDA or even APK replicate, however there has been no manner to formally grab the app from the Play store... but.

Now the OnePlus network app is available for anyone on the store, need to you have got a OnePlus tool or no longer. you can view the boards and navigate to the subforums, check out all of the posts, check in with your account, write posts and feedback, and so forth. the one issue missing is push notifications for alerts, however they are coming soon.
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