capturing and sending a computer virus document on Android was an inelegant technique. bugs are stressful and computer virus reviews are one of the least interesting components of a platform, however they're essential to help it and its apps pass forward. So it is quality to see the Android crew setting a few thoughts at the back of improving the bug report interface and interaction, especially for those folks who have a tendency to without a doubt use the function.

formerly, on Android and underneath, if you made a decision to keep and send a malicious program file, the device might vibrate once and not anything happened for a minute or . then you get the notification for the captured trojan horse file and the handiest factor you can do is proportion it along side the screenshot that changed into taken while you tapped the computer virus record icon.

Now, the glide is lots more fashionable and consumer-friendly. First, you could see a notification that the bug report is being generated. It shows a progress bar and 3 brief movements.


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